Fantasy on Sarabanda is a visual fantasy in claymation on the movement Sarabanda from J.S. Bach's D-minor partita for solo violin. The piece is a video of an animated sculpture which interprets the expressions in the music like in a ballet, pantomime or a silent film. 

The film is created by violinist/visual artist Guðbjörg Hlín Guðmundsdóttir who also performs the Sarabanda on the baroque violin.

J.S. Bach’s music is loaded with deep thoughts, allegorically hidden messages and strong emotions but in a very modest and distant way. Bach´s personal detachment from his works create freedom and opens up a world of possibilities that are the inspiration to this claymation piece.

Sarabanda is a very mysterious dance originating from 16th century Spanish culture. Around 1583 it was thought to be too erotic and controversial and therefore banned for some time in Spain. The Inquisition punished the singing and dancing of Sarabandas with two hundred lashes of the whip, with expulsion from the kingdom for women, and six years of servitude on galleys for men. It seems to have been somewhat like a forbidden fruit of its time. With its strong emphasis on the second beat, this dance is loaded with expression. J. S. Bach then adds on to that, making it possible to dive into this pool of emotional material and express visual imagination through a lump of clay.